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Time to deliver a candidate authorised standard for CV trafficking

As an active or passive candidate in today’s online orientated advertised job market its likely that your CV or career profile is out there somewhere! You may have uploaded it to a Job Board, such as Monster, Total Jobs, Reed, or posted a summary to a social or business network, such as LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, My Space, where your work history can readily be browsed and downloaded by recruitment agencies for evaluation against career opportunities. Your resume may also be registered with any number of recruitment agencies and be sitting in their databases waiting to be matched against an employers vacancy anytime in the future.

With the huge volume of accessible CVs and an individual’s detailed career insight available to the third party recruiter (recruitment agency) via the internet, together with the shear number of third party recruiters operating across the globe, we are seeing more pressure being placed on the recruiter to get your CV on their client’s desk or in an employers inbox than ever before. This is leading to an environment where the candidate can be unaware of the representation being made on their behalf around career opportunities.

Its time for all active, passive and off the job market candidates to take back control of being ‘represented’ by third party recruiters for job openings they have not be consulted about via a Candidate Authorised CV Guarantee scheme!

Whether you are a candidate, employer or recruiter its time to join the recruitment revolution by showing your commitment to the interests of the individual, ensuring the delivery of best practice by the global recruitment industry.

Employers, get on board by demanding that third party recruiters adopt the Candidate Authorised CV Guarantee logo on all CV submissions.

Candidates, always ensure that your recruiter has asked you to sign a Candidate Authorisation letter for each employer representation they plan to make for every job opportunity.

Recruiters, make all candidates aware of the Candidate Authorised CV Guarantee scheme, champion the value and broadcast your professionalism.