You deserve more from many recruiters who have let you down, acted on your behalf without you knowing anything about it! Phoning you up to tell you that you have an interview for a job that you really have little interest in, a job that the recruiter probably never spoke to you about before your CV was presented to their client. We know that there any many ethical and professional recruiters and recruitment agencies, but we all know there are some that just aren’t thinking about the candidate… at all!

This is the fundamental truth and we know because we have been around the recruitment industry for too many years to remember. The pressure on many 3rd party external recruiters (recruitment agencies) who are working without any client exclusivity continues to drive a first past the post culture of date and time stamped CV delivery. Basically they try to get your CV on the hiring managers desk before any other recruiter!

Whats worse is that the internet age and the associated ease of accessing nearly everyone’s personal and business profiles has led to a greater level of mis-representation of an individual’s interest in vacancies by 3rd party recruiters. We have heard of recruiters who are now downloading profiles from such respected business networks as LinkedIn, utilising the .pdf download as the person’s actual CV, such is the risk around un-checked accountability…

Does that make you pretty pumped up about bad practice in the world of employment and the poor recruiter? It gets us mad!

Time to do something about it! It’s time to reverse the trend and you the candidate, passive candidate or ‘off the job market’ happy employee need to be at the forefront making difference. The Candidate Authorised CV Guarantee scheme has been a long time over due. With your help, employers, ethical recruiters, recruitment companies and recruitment organisations will be forced to listen to your demand for a transparent and an easily recognisable visual identity to be used for CV introductions to employers. That way recruitment agencies will get the message “don’t represent me without asking my permission”.

The word is out and with the power of social media individuals will start asking why recruitment companies across the globe have not embraced the candidate’s interest at their heart!

Always ask a recruiter if they subscribe to the Candidate Authorised CV Guarantee scheme and ensure that your recruiter has asked you to sign a Candidate Authorisation letter for each employer representation they plan to make for every job opportunity.

Don’t settle for second best, the power is with the individual. Demand more!


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