The pressure on many 3rd party external recruiters who are working without any client exclusivity continues to drive a first past the post culture of date and time stamped CV delivery. Whats worse is that the internet age and the associated ease of accessing nearly everyone’s personal and business profiles has led to a greater level of mis-representation of an individual’s interest in vacancies by 3rd party recruiters. We have heard of recruiters who are now downloading profiles from such respected business networks as LinkedIn, utilising the .pdf download as the person’s actual CV, such is the risk around un-checked accountability…

As employers it is important that you are working with ethical 3rd party suppliers who are acting in the interest of both you the client and any potential new hire. Professional recruiters do not find it acceptable to spread CVs across hiring manager’s desks in the hope that one of them may ‘stick’. What frustrates our profession further is the flagrant dis-regard some recruiters demonstrate around consulting a potential candidate prior to any CV submission, often seeking to persuade an individual to attend an interview that has been already arranged!

It’s time to reverse the trend and employers need to be at the forefront making difference. The Candidate Authorised CV Guarantee scheme has been a long time over due. With your help, employers, ethical recruiters, recruitment companies and recruitment organisations who have a passion for delivering a high service level to both candidates and clients, can create an easily recognisable visual identity to be used for all candidate approved CV introductions into employers.

Help the recruitment industry provide an outstanding level of service to your future employee or for when you become a candidate(!) by driving up standards around all CV introductions to your company by 3rd party recruiters and suppliers. Implement the Candidate Authorised CV Guarantee scheme. It costs you nothing…

Ask your recruitment partners to commit to putting the candidate first….


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